In my entire life, I have not met or known someone who does not want to attain success in whatever goal she or he has. But then, it is in a given situation that in order to be successful, we each have to work for it. A failure, I believe is not entirely the result of being unsuccessful. Failing, simply means to try again and it does not matter how many times it would be, as long as we succeed at the end.

To become successful in life is everybody’s dream. We all dream for it, whatever state of living we are from. Success is such a powerful, gigantic word that draws people’s mind into determination in order to achieve it.

A track racer, for instance, is a good example.

For an athlete to win a competition, he has to intelligently plan for his success and carefully prepare for it. The need to improve his athletic knowledge and skills are his objective. The characters that he already acquires do not stop there. He has to keep learning and training to gaining more ability. He has a goal to maintain his good health by proper diet and exercise. These, will all contribute in enhancing his endurance. All of these should also be coupled with patience and discipline.

“No pain, no gain”, as the saying says.  Just like an athlete striving hard to win his sport. Same thing applies when we want to become successful in life. Proper planning and preparation are the two main ingredients. These are essential, for the reason that it is impossible to attain success without them.

Success, as we all know, is not as easy as how we pronounce it. It is a powerful word that we people want to make it happen in our lives.  People who struggle to attain success are often the result of not having any plans and preparations. We need to have a clearer view on what we want to do or become in life. From that, we earn ideas on how to reach that goal. It is like setting our feet up into steps from the lowest to the highest, where we can only say we made it when we were able to reach the top.

We also have to keep in mind that it is a long process; but as long as there is determination, patience, and the strength to endure it, we will achieve it. We can either be successful in a small or big way. What makes success great is how high we aimed, how far we raced, and how deep we dug to reach it.

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