I Never Thought to Offer Thanks

I’ve always said my daily prayers
For I thought that I should pray.
And so I learned the routine ones
And Said them every day.

They were the ones that someone else
Had written long ago
So they were never quite my own;
But how was I to know

Just what to say to God that would
Explain to Him my needs
When I had everything I wanted?
I never thought of it as greed

To ask for more and more of life;
For fortune and for great success
With all about me friends to make
And share my happiness.

And so for all the wealth of life-
The kind not stored in banks–
For just the breath I drew each day,
I never thought to offer thanks.

But now it seems That I grew wise
With the coming of each day
And I am substituting “Thanks” for “please”
When it’s time for me to pray.

— Elizabeth Smith

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