A Mother’s Breastfeeding Journey

IMG_2207It is a common knowledge that breast milk has always been best for babies. When I gave birth to my daughter a year ago, my lactation consultant gave me three options: either to exclusively breastfeed, formula, or a mixture of both. I went for the best choice of course.

My journey to breastfeeding had a few bumps on the road and I believe most mothers did (especially to new ones like me). My baby went jaundice (in the hospital) because she was not able to feed for 24 hours despite diligently trying to breastfeed. Fortunately, she was able to recover after only six hours of phototherapy/ light therapy (most jaundice treatment take 12 hours or more). For the time being, we’ve opted to give her formula while constantly working myself to produce milk.

My lactation consultant has been patiently working with me during my stay in the hospital. I was told to have semi-inverted nipples which maybe one reason my daughter is having a hard time latching. For that, I had to wear a nipple shield while she tried sucking. Another tool I used was the breast pump (lent by the hospital)- pumping every 2 hours, 15 minutes on each breast.

During birth, I lost 550cc of blood. My attendees had to do an emergency c- section to save both lives. Since I was able to labour for normal birth (all the way to 10cm) without an epidural, I received a general anaesthesia for the operation. Along with it, was bags and bags of IVs. According to my doctor, those could be the main reasons that contributed to my breast milk dilemma. Body needed time to recover that is why it took 4 days for my milk to come.

Before D-Day, I already know I am to breastfeed my baby so I bought myself a pumping machine which has been a great help especially during our first few months.

To this day, my daughter is over a year old and I am happy to be still breastfeeding her exclusively. To maintain my supply, I had to keep my liquid intake on the high. Another is taking lactating tea regularly. More about this drink will be on my next blog.


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