random thoughts


Black as a thousand mid nights in a cypress swamp. Loneliness that is indescribable. Confusion regarding God. Frustration with life and circumstances. The feeling that you have been abandoned, that you are worthless. Unlovable . The pain is excruciating, it’s beyond words, worst than melancholic.



This happens to everyone. I believe the problem of stress comes in when we are not sure how to handle a situation. Sometimes, it is hard to understand ourselves as well as our reactions to these events. Many health guide books say that in order to cope with stress, we must gain control of our […]



Let me define it again….. Diet is the sum of food being consumed or absorbed by a group or individual.¬† A person’s diet depends on his or her nutritional status. It requires a very specific calculation according to the needs of the body. That is why it is important for us to learn and understand¬† […]